Frequently Asked Questions
Q: The name sounds like a technology site, but I see games and comics. What's the deal?

Fybertech as a whole is a place for those who are geeks at heart, whether their interest be computers, electronics, programming, video games, cartoons, comics, or any combination therein. We like to think of it as geeks sitting around the digital campfire, passing around half-completed projects that would never be hosted elsewhere, while shouting internet memes at one another.

Fybertech is also a continuity, with many of the members having fictional representations of themeselves existing in it, which they put into stories or comics. A good amount of the content hosted on the site are based around that continuity. The axis for much of this is focused around Fybertech: The De Novo Project, an ongoing work found in the Fybrary, which chronicles the beginning of the events in the Fybertech universe.

Q: What all do you have around here?

We do have a few things that have risen to the top over time. Comic hounds who can stand pixel art are recommended to read Vito's Hindsight 20/XX, while writing fans will get the best feel for the local continuity in the aforementioned De Novo Project.

If you like webware gimmicks, like image boards, we have a local one, which we totally uncreatively call 'Fychan'. If you're looking for a lot of funny images beyond that, you might try 4get, our gallery of 4chan images (and more) which people paste into the chat, and arguably one of the more useful inventions around the site.

And of course there's the place where most of the activity is: the IRC chat. It's located in #fybertech on for you folks who have a client, or just go here if you don't.

Q: If I make something, will you host my stuff?

Not automatically, we're not 100% made of bandwidth, and our name does not have 'keen' in it. We mostly host stuff we like or cheap stuff by people we like. We'd probably host without question if you hung around in the chat and had a good... whatever you make.

There's also the forums, where anyone can post anything to share with others. This is usually where new comics start out before they end up hosted.

Q: What all is in the legendary pile of incomplete projects?

Check out the wiki. We've documented some of the more well-known things there.

Q: Why doesn't the BBS work?

The BBS is hosted on a separate machine, due to the CPU resources of running DOSEMU (a DOS emulator for Linux). That machine doesn't run full-time, but you can usually ask FyberOptic in the chat to start it up if it's not running if you want to play some classic games.

Q: Where have I heard the term "fybertech" before?

You may have been a regular at the original Hazard Labs website, where "fybertech" was used to describe technology made by the user and character FyberOptic. But that website went belly-up, with most of its old members now belonging to the Fybertech community. Hazard Labs transitioned into Snipe Hunt, no longer made of FyberOptic's "fybertech".

Q: Will you make a fybertech-powered website for me?

Depends on what you're looking for! Shoot an email over to FyberOptic with what you had in mind and your budget and we'll go from there.

Q: How can I send you lots of money for [insert reason here]?


Q: How do I shot web?

See previous answer.

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